Septième (The 7th)


This the 7th collection by the label and it is a very significant one. In their words : “it genuinely feels like it is the very first season that we truly believe we have found our ‘voice’ as a brand. We wanted to make this season a landmark.”

They consider this to be first proper FW collection that they have designed specifically for the International market with truly winter weight fabrics. They have worked intensively with fabric mills in Italy and Japan to create the majority of these fabrics from scratch.

The color palette is much darker this time around. Lots of black and different shades of greys. Materials are Paper-coated Cotton Wool. Virgin Wool. Cotton jersey bonded with neoprene. Heavy weight cotton viscose and Fire proof quilting.

This FW13 collection sees them playing with a lot of different textures and weights. The fabric choices altered the way they approached design and how they created shapes within the collection. There are 2 different spectrums – the ‘organic’ fabrics i.e. virgin wool, etc on one end and the ‘structured/tailored’ fabrics on the other (which includes paraffin coated cottons). This led them to create totally new silhouettes and subsequently pushed them into new territory incorporating the fire-proof quilting and tech wear. Utility is truly the key this season.

Song for the Mute’s unique aesthetic encapsulates both tailoring and the avant-garde with a sportswear edge while still offering the highest quality fabrics and construction. This season their aim is to make the label more accessible to a wider audience given this sportswear influenced aesthetic and the collection offers a good selection of basic knits and coats as well as still providing dedicated followers key new pieces.