This new collection is a continuation of the last but this time improving the cutting and materials whilst increasing the western details.


Ziggy took a trip to the small town of Cicheng and was inspired by the bricks and stones of the historic architecture he found there : the walls and time-worn, weathered fabrics and materials he photographed. Cicheng is over 2400 years old and filled with natural and cultural historical sights and relics. It is renowned for its beauty, history and cultural depth.

Ziggy took these pictures to Japan and by working with the best factories he could find, he made these mysterious beautiful textures, colors and patterns into actual woven original fabrics. Most of them are made of wool and linen and woven in a traditional way. The colors are shades of Black and Gray, unique colors such as dirty blue and dirty brown directly inspired by Cicheng and created especially.

Ziggy has always loved classic cuts and has incorporated some looks in a classic style but combined with original cutting and the exclusive materials to create something truly new and original. He thinks there are too many similar labels on the market and wants to create a truly fresh synthesis of both Asian spirit and western classicism. They have concentrated on the cutting and fabric to create pieces which are extremely comfortable to wear. Clothing that everybody can feel at home in but which looks extraordinary.

In his new collection it really seems that Ziggy Chen has found a way to document the soul and essence of disappearing places and culture and preserve them in clothing.