YUHL JUNG : A/W 2015 : LOTUS – Paris Gallery Shoot


During his most recent Paris exhibition Yuhl Jung Designer Moon Kim took time out to shoot and style a series of personal pictures to illustrate the themes of the collection.


IMG_1160 7

The Designer states : “One guiding motif of our label is that of ‘life’ –  not a passively dissipated life, but an energetic life actively seeking its own sovereignty. All beings are born with this energy. However, sometimes the rough paths of life may bare us from this innate liveliness, especially in times such as these.This is why I thought it was a proper time to borrow the wisdom of the lotus flower, growing in purity, strength, regardless of its surrounding environment. They may look powerless on the surface, but their existence is the essence of the fervent will of life.”



The collection is intended to protect the wearer and help them stay strong as they continue on the rocky path of life. While shooting the images the Designer sought to capture the ambivalence of the lotus flower through the juxtaposition of the plain haired, pale makeup-less models with the grand volumes and sharp red of the clothing. 4

“We all are weakened at times. We all may feel powerless at times… This is not our fault. As long as we hold on to this will for life, the universe will always show support. What I wish is that my garments can serve as such help, letting the wearer know that we are never alone.” – Moon Kim
All images by the Designer