MOOHONG-F005Moohong was educated in the UK and obtained a PhD in Politics. Coming from such a different perspective his collections have a distinctly spiritual and philosophic edge.He believes that mastering the skills and perspective of both social scientist and creative artist seems to offer the chance of living a perfect life.
He seeks to combine these seemingly very different disciplines together in his collections.

The Moohong A/W 2015 collection is titled “TENSION”

The aim of the Designer was to expose and explore the underlying tensions and fault lines running through our society which most people tend to try to disregard and ignore.
The tension that exists between different classes and groups ( both societal and political ) and between the different hierarchical systems.
The Designer wishes to expose this hypocrisy and bring some truth and honesty through the grace and elegance of his minimal design ethic. Different hierarchical roots where represented by variations on certain iconic pieces : A tailored jacket , blue jeans ,street style bomber and a monk’s robe. All brought together within the tension of the A/W collection.MOOHONG-F033 MOOHONG-F045 MOOHONG-F029 MOOHONG-F043 MOOHONG-F017 MOOHONG-F025 MOOHONG-F027 MOOHONG-F013 MOOHONG-F005 MOOHONG-F053 MOOHONG-F051