Untitled copyThe first taste of our new bespoke and hand-made Metal-wear Label : TACET

Which we will introduce to the international buying public in Paris this June.

Extreme quality and exceptional artistry. More pictures and info to follow very soon.

Web-site : http://tacet.usUntitled (2) copy

Founded by Ukrainian-born, New York City based Alexey Artemov – jewelry maker, multi-instrumentalist musician and composer, Tacet started as a series of installation pieces, custom orders and large scale restorations. The vision has been refined over years of work, between custom watches, fine jewelry, sculpture, music and theater production. Each and every piece is handmade : carved in wax or pulled, forged, etched, fused, broken down and rebuilt. Tacet is designed to be worn by both men and women, to become a part of a life, get scuffed, scratched and blend with the owner’s personality.

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The important point is balance : between rough surfaces and fine materials ; aggressive shapes and light sculptural work. Rooted in music and sound : Tacet refers to a musical term indicating that a voice or instrument is silent. Silence and pause are the ultimate inspirations and subjects of exploration. Sculptured shapes and natural textures that move when worn. Meditative rings that produce sound, each with its own pitch. Chains shaped by hand with every link fused. Solid gold blackened with silver to only reveal its true color with wear and age. Shapes without regard to time or fashion.

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