SUNYATA : emptiness , voidness , free from earthly perceptions ( of right and wrong ); the state of ultimate reality.”

We are very proud to present these new concept images from Paris-based Label YUHL JUNG. Creative Director Moon Kim was born in Korea , spent his childhood traveling in South America and studied Psychology and Design in New York and then Paris. More recently he has worked for Fashion Houses such as Rick Owens until finally making the conscience-led decision to create his own project and label , the mission of which is to spread a positive resonance through his creations and a message of benevolence, nonviolence, and unconditional compassion through his work. He balances his creative work with his meditation practices in the hope that it will lead ultimately to a greater awakening and understanding both for himself and for those who see and wear it. The label name YUHL JUNG actually means  ‘a clear flow like water.’

This is the debut collection for the label which embodies the core values of the Designer. The idea of the emptiness of the Sanskrit word “Sunyata” is a positive state which is full of endless possibilities which are explored in these designs. A very hopeful and optimistic message for hard times. Sunyata is represented by the predominant white tones and the combined strength created by layering delicate fabrics such as bio-washed cotton and delicate , translucent linens.Each of the fabrics may seem fragile and powerless on their own but as the layers of the fabrics add up and come together as a garment, they yield a strength that creates protection for the wearer on their journey to enlightenment.

Moon Kim seeks to convey a genuine message through his label : of values such as compassion, self-discipline and nonviolence that can be hard to find in this industry and society in general. In this way he feels somewhat opposed to the normal way that things are run and hopes to offer a more positive perspective in order to bring balance to the industry.

YUHL JUNG will debut in Paris this September. Please click on these individual images to get the full power of all the details.

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