IMG_2109The theme of “Inception” takes inspiration from “Creation” and from the need to construct even in this historical time of deconstruction to be inspired by Birth. As usual the  collection consists of a balance of both constructed parts with a predominance of geometric shapes and a deconstructed part of garments with fluid shapes. As always the volumes mix the oversize with the skinny.

Black is the primary color , complimented by stone and blue.

The fabrics were inspired by primordial landscapes and thus each has a particular texture :Embossed wool for light coats and jackets, waterproof linen/viscose, striped wool/viscose tone on tone, light silk organza mixed with other fabrics , silk jersey and coated viscose for fluid and feminine styles.


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A quote from the Designer Moon Kim on the concept behind the collection :

“Lotus flowers are never born in clean waters.They rise above the dirtiest water and blossom into the purest flowers. They simply do not know how to blame the water.
Lotus flowers endlessly remind us to maintain a constant state of awareness and to not fall into habitual routines.
In this collection, I sought to express their grace and softness which can harmonize with any surroundings or circumstances. With the ample silhouette and mélange of soft fabrics, I wished to illustrate a figure standing above the secular impurities, aspiring to be more merciful, more flowerlike.
I hope that together we can overcome this troubled era by reflecting the wisdom of the lotus flower.
And I tried to embody this in each garment of the collection. Titled “Lotus”, the collection encompasses this strong will. And as long as there is will then anyone can ascend.”

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1S1A6898Mood images of the new collection shot in Sid’s own studio. Sorry for the repetition but I had a very hard time editing any of the images out. I can see some Aladdin Sane era Bowie influences creeping in a little here but they may be purely co-incidental !

Since last showing in Paris Sid has been nominated for and won some prestigious prizes :
The Swarovski Emerging Designer of the Year Award at the CAFAs ( Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards)
The Mercedes Benz Start Up Award
To add to his TFI New Label of the Year Award ( in 2012)
Please read more about these and others on his Facebook Page 

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Photographer : Luis Mora

Model : Shelby



The title and concept of the collection was “Street Ethnic”.

This collection can be said to show the very interesting balance between a certain Orientalism and a modern street / Western aesthetic which the English-trained , Korean Designer prefers. The main fabrics were linen, wool and cotton. Colors were white, grey, navy, blue and wine

The Designer stated : I wanted to show the clothing in a very ordinary daily life scene in Seoul in contrast to a typical look-book shooting set in a very cool and luxurious location. I wanted to show the contradiction and create a very interesting and fresh aesthetic juxtapositon.

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