This is the S/S 2013 AREA CONCEPT :

I saw this vision, clearly ... I saw a man and a woman in my mind ... I look ... and suddenly walking towards me ... as if they were going toward something that I can not even see .. I see them in the dust. See their dust .. a black mark on his forehead .. blue lenses in their eyes ... Untouchable as a knife blade. I hear a noise .. I see their lips move ... I understand only a constant hiss ... and nothing 'else.

"I describe a new beginning, a new human being, through visions / I do not speak of garments/ the garment is the detail that makes it possible to view the image / I'm showing you the image / you must look for the details. "

From structures and cages are born clothes that wrap and enclose the body , adorned with sculptural jewelry. Matter creates geometries like joints on the body that are about to occur. From the fabric treated with paper effects, silk with graphics in relief like sand underneath the fabric, I try to give birth to something out of nothing. Something new that breaks out inside my head, like a flood my skull cannot contain.
They get confused between eyes, jersey washed with pumice stones, and opaque sweatshirts . Trying to find a balance like something that has just been born.

Jewelry fetishes in matt leather that decorate the neck and waist as prophetic symbols that define a new costume, for us unknown. Fingers in black and gray latex , become pendants. Necklaces as part of skins forgotten and turned into little gods.
Leather that loses dust becomes a detail of dresses and blouses, Leather with a rubber effect becomes sculptural jackets where matter can give rise to the form that is born.

Shoes fit feet which walk on water and with their leather blades cut the surface as if it were paper.
The woman born of the water, motionless, with a black sign on her forehead, as a goddess, we do not understand her, and she pulls the man from the dust giving him life, appendix, clavicle, indispensable. The snake's mouth tied with a rope, the umbilical cord that wraps around the body, and it ties the hands.Blue lenses in the dark, metal mouths. Everything can start now.

Genesis, the vision of something that is coming, we do not know anything, we are attracted unconsciously, we fear, because we are not able to decipher, failing to establish a common communication that allows us to understand.

Genesis, a new beginning.

Barbara Bologna

Barbara Bologna is an Italian-born Sculptress and Body Art Performer who after graduating from the "Accademia di Belle Arti" in Brera ?Milan in the year 2000 has gone on to create her own clothing and accessories line : AREA .
From this A/W 2012 Season she will create her first ever Male / Unisex Exhibition to be shown in the STEALTH GALLERY in Paris.

Barbara's work is inspired and driven by both the worlds of Art and Music . She is influenced by intense , revolutionary and sometimes transgressive visionaries from both worlds :

ARTISTIC : Marina Abramovic, , Gunter Brus, Vanessa Beecroft, Pina Bausch, Franko B. etc
MUSICAL : Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Joy Division, Nick Cave etc

She uses the position of "Fashion Designer" ( a term she feels to be reductive ) as a route to discover her personal artistic freedom and create art from her soul. She feels her designs are "containers full of artistic substance, sealed by my soul and by all the things that I am" and her collections "carry inside (and outside) the blood, scars and cuts of the body art school"

She intends every collection to be "a strong stream that flows from within ? a diagonal cut made on the skin of every person that comes in contact with it"

For this reason she is fiercely independent and operates outside the usual "fashion" rules choosing to collaborate with only those that she feels to be part of her evolving creative family. "A family in which I which each one of us creates because we share the same way of feeling"

"Area is my space, my emotional/perceptive and physical place in which I find art, fashion, music and theatre...the place of those who are able to feel the rest through the dress."
-Barbara Bologna